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The Laser Light Treatment Procedure

  • This noninvasive procedure requires that the patient sit underneath a dome shaped device with over 100 low light level lasers flashing away inside.

  • Each laser moves so that several hundred different locations within your scalp can be reached during each session.

  • Each treatment is painless and lasts only 20 minutes per session.

Sure Hair Laser and Vitamin Therapy Hair Re-Growth Program :

  • 1) Microscopic Scalp Analysis to see up close the root of the problem, Laser devises for home and clinical use.

  • 2) Stops and maintains further hair loss.

  • 3) Stimulates re-growth, thickens and strengthens existing hair.

  • 4) Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.

  • 5) Affordable programs from $99 per month.
  • 6) Sure Hair offers exclusively SureThik’s Health Canada approved vitamins for Men and Women.

  • 7) Multiple treatments will be needed to see benefit, discuss with your consultant your individual program.

  • 8) For instantly thicker looking hair, we offer SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers, Hair Thickening Foam and Hair Thickening Mist,  natural derived ingredients, alcohol and aerosol free for your added benefit. Please visit SureThik.com for more details.

Here are some facts about the Sure Hair Laser program:

The latest study released at the ISHRS-Convention showed:

What The Experts Are Saying

Health Canada State ment "It strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and stimulates re-growth of hair in men and women"

FDA studied and approved Laser hair Therapy to thicken hair.

before and after laser hair treatment hair density

Approved by health Canada Approved by the fda
Studied & Approved Laser Therapy To Thicken Hair

Customer Comments

"I was astounded at the increase in thickness and fullness after using Laser Light Therapy after just 4 months"
- Julie C - Age 36
"Having delayed treatment for thinning hair for years ... convinced that a hair transplant was my only option. What a pleasant surprise after only 6 months of weekly treatments I found it was no longer necessary! I wish I had discovered Laser Therapy sooner"
- Doug C
- Age 36
"I had thin fine hair all of my life and thought that it would always remain that way. I am impressed with my new thicker, fuller hair" - Christine M - Age 59
"I noticed my hairline began receding at an alarming rate in my early 20's. I was afraid that my hair was following the pattern of loss that my father has ... his hairline begins at his crown ...after 6 months I have noticed that the shedding has stopped and some of the fine small hairs are making a come back." - Peter - Age 24
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